How it all began...

Since I was 16 years I am deeply involved in the foundry industry. Education, study and worldwide assembling activities led to
that I have become self-employed with the product mica in this area.
To the foundry industry we have gradually added applications of mica to other industries, such as the electrical, cable and sealing industry.
Our philosophy, high quality, perfect service and fair prices.


Since the foundation of Saveway Isolierstoffe GmbH in 2000, we have been producing and distributing electrical and thermal insulating materials worldwide. Whether mica foils, mica combinations, solid mica sheets, flexible mica sheets or individual parts, almost everything is possible.
We work according to the latest DIN EN ISO 9001 2015. Regular quality audits at our suppliers as well as continuous incoming and outgoing inspections also ensure that our products meet the requirements.


Our team consists of ten very well-trained and sympathetic people.
We have set ourselves the goal to be honest, open and reliable with our customers. In doing so we act responsibly, solution-oriented though with great care and integrity on the challenges posed. Important decisions are discussed in our daily team meetings, so that our customers receive the fastest possible feedback.

Incoming orders can usually shipped the next working day.


Constantly high purchasing volumes from our suppliers ensure that our prices remain at a consistently fair level.
We look forward to your contact and the future cooperation!

Uwe Herrmann
Managing Director and owner of the Saveway Isolierstoffe GmbH and Saveway Handels GmbH