Electrical Insulates

rigid mica sheets

thin rigid mica sheets

thick rigid mica sheets

mica sheets with special surface

flexible mica sheets

very soft mica sheets

soft mica sheets

soft mica sheets with inlets

mica combinations

SW - Combi CA

SW - Combi 2000

mica foils

SW - Foil

SW - Sinter Foil

mica tubes

mica tubes

mica tapes

mica tapes

mica tooled parts

mica tooled parts

Thermal Insulates

AES fiber paper

AES paper

AES paper with mica foil

AES fiber blanket

AES blanket

insulating sheets

insulating sheets

Application for the industry

Our products are used by various industries worldwide.


Construction and isolation of furnaces and more

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Plant construction, heaters, electrical energy, batteries and more

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Exhaust systems, chemical & petrochemical, medicine, fuel cells and more

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Power and data cables, fire protection and more

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